Series Victory

The bullpen did a wonderful job to close this series out with a win as the O’s held on to defeat the Twins 3-2. Matt Albers, Jim Johnson and George Sherrill provided the shut down relief necessary to give Garrett Olson his 5th win of the season. For the O’s, this is a remarkable story. Olson made some starts at the big league level last season but was definately not ready. This year he has come up and made tremendous strides. The way he is pitching guarantees him staying in the rotation for awhile as he turned in another quality start. One of the more impressive parts was his quick 6th inning after pitching alot of pitches in the 5th. He was able to get an out in the 7th before exiting, which was only made possible because he made quick work of the Twins in the 6th.

For the draft, the second round starts at 6:15 eastern. The O’s pick 4th in the round so it should be interesting to see where they go with the pick. I wouldn’t necessarily be dissapointed in another pitcher but I believe there are holes out there in the organization (LF, 1B, SS, 3B? (depends on Rowell), 2B (if we can’t keep Roberts)). I would advise them to grab a player from a college at the 50th pick that could help quickly and give us a bat as well. In the next few rounds, we’ll find out whether Andy McPhail prefers the college player to thehigh school player. In the early rounds, it’s about grabbing players and talent, not necessarily looking at whether their from college or high school. A philosophy will be found out soon and one real strong draft could give the O’s farm system a much needed influx of talent. 



  1. bmorebirdsfan

    Awesome blog site man. Always good to see a fellow birds fan. Pretty solid win today and now 3 out of 4.

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