Terrible Weekend

Things don’t seem like they can get much worse for the O’s. Except they are now calling up a 23 year old in Brad Bergesen to end the losing way. The O’s will host the White Sox and Rangers hoping to end their losing ways they’ve picked up. The weekend in Boston was rough but other than Monday’s blowout, the other 3 games were close. Friday was a game that should have been a win though. Up 7-0 after 2 innings and losing that lead can hurt your offense’s confidence.

We’ll see if the offense can pick it up this week back at the Yard. Hopefully Adam Jones will return to the lineup after leaving Sunday’s game with a sore hamstring. Ryan Freel had a scary injury today when he took an errant pickoff throw off his head.

For the pitchers, it’s very simple. The starters need to work into the sixth more often. The bullpen is going to be killed by midseason at this rate. Whoever is starting needs to realize how important this is. I’m rooting for a 4-2 homestand but praying we can get through it with a healtier lineup and bullpen than what we have now.


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